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Behlen Scratch Remover

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Behlen Wood Finishing Products
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  Finish Restoration, Repair, and Touch-up
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 B267-001 - Mahogany ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-003 - Light/Brown Walnut ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-004 - Extra Dark Walnut ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-005 - Fruitwood ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-006 - Cherry ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-007 - Golden Oak ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-008 - Black ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-009 - Maple ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-013 - Natural ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-014 - Van Dyke Brown ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-873 - Red Mahogany ($5.95) In Stock(MSDS)
 B267-1200 - Assortment ($52.95) In Stock
Think of the Scratch Remover Markers as a kind of magic wand that you wave over scratches. Actually, it's even more fun that that: you just write over the scratch, and the instantly-drying formula permanently stains the wood, refinishing worn-out spots and scratches on furniture, wall paneling, leather, vinyl and wood frames. Most of the cabinetmakers we know keep the markers around to touch up installations before turning them over to the customer. It turns a great job with a tiny annoying scratch back into a great job. Comes in a dozen shades, available singly or in an assortment.
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By: Tim galus (Sep, 2019)
As a moving professional on occasion there is an oops, these products keep everybody happy
I own this product.

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