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Windsor Chairmaking

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by James Mursell

As Quercus Magazine Issue 18 cover star James Mursell, notes, "Windsor chairs are far more sculptural and organic inform than most cabinet work, and this is due to the lack of flat surfaces, parallel lines or right angles. In addition, when sympathetically made they combine the very best of form and function. The scope for experiment and development is also almost infinite. What more could one ask for as a woodworker?"

Mursell has been making Windsor chairs for nearly three decades. And in addition to making the chairs themselves, he teaches Windsor chair making through his Windsor Workshop, writes about chair making in the British woodworking press and produces specialist tools for chair making.

Needless to say, he is an expert guide through the hundreds of years of Windsor chair making. His book compares and contrasts the distinct Windsor designs from the UK and US and covers the tools, materials and techniques involved in the craft. The book includes detailed plans and measurements for four chairs (two each from the UK and US) as well as guidance about using the techniques for making other furniture.

Trade paperback. With over 200 color photos and drawings.

"A must-have book for all chairmakers and students of furniture." - Michael Huntley, Guild of Master Craftsmen

Pages: 192
Binding: Tp
Publisher: Crowood Press

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