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The Forest Woodworker: A Step-By-Step Guide to Working with Green Wood

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The Forest Woodworker: A Step-By-Step Guide to Working with Green WoodThe Forest Woodworker: A Step-By-Step Guide to Working with Green Woodcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Sjors van der Meer & Job Suijker

The Forest Woodworker envisions a world in which people eat breakfast while sitting on a homemade chair and use a homemade spoon and bowl, all the while feeling connected to the natural world and its bounty. Or as the authors suggest, "It's time to take our woodworking out of the workshop and into the forest."

The book serves as a great introduction to the ancient craft - green woodworking - that enables woodworkers to harvest logs and craft them into tools, kitchenware and furniture. Readers will learn about the qualities of wood and how to cut and shape it, using key tools, including axes, saws, knives, drills, mallets, clamps and measuring tools. There are instructions for crafting your own tools such as a shaving horse, wooden club, chopping block and saw horse, and then how to use them to make spoons, spatulas, stools and chairs.

The Forest Woodworker is imbued with a deep connection and respect for the forest - and for the fulfilling craft that inspires reverence and creativity.

"Sjors and Job have soaked up influences from Britain, the USA and Scandinavia and blended these with their own experiences in the Dutch forests. The result is an up-to-date, evangelical, almost spiritual companion that goes way beyond conveying a collection of technical information.” - Mike Abbott, green woodworking pioneer

Pages: 176
Binding: HC
Publisher: Search Press

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