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Chip Carving Workshop: More Than 200 Ready-to-Use Designs

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Chip Carving Workshop: More Than 200 Ready-to-Use DesignsChip Carving Workshop: More Than 200 Ready-to-Use Designscancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Lora Irish

Lora Irish’s introduction to spoon carving, “The Art of Spoon Carving,” is extremely popular here, so we were delighted to have her guidance in chip carving as well. Chip carving is a deceptively simple art that uses just a few basic tools - sharp knives; a smooth board: a pencil and ruler - to create amazingly intricate and delicate results. The chips that are removed can be in small triangles, squares, and free-form curves, producing an almost infinite variety of decorations.

Chip Carving Workshop gets you started with the fundamentals, from tool selection and sharpening, and then shows you how to use both geometric shapes and free form designs to create wonderfully detailed patterns. A step-by-step practice project shows you how to master the simple shapes that will allow you to cut any grid pattern in the book.

But the true strength of the book is its hundreds of ready-to-use designs with layout ideas, grids, borders, and motifs for you to trace and reproduce in any combination or size.You’ll also get blank practice grids to create your own designs.

Pages: 104
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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