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Everyday Woodworking: A Beginner's Guide to Woodcraft With 12 Hand Tools

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Everyday Woodworking: A Beginner’s Guide to Woodcraft With 12 Hand ToolsEveryday Woodworking: A Beginner’s Guide to Woodcraft With 12 Hand Toolscancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Rex Krueger

Everyday Woodworking sets out to dispel the notion that woodworking - with its dangerous tools and elusive techniques - is too intimidating to try. Rex Krueger, the creator of the popular YouTube series “Woodwork for Humans,” offers a specific plan to get novices started making simple, useful, handcrafted projects.

The recipe focuses on both content and technique. The book begins by explaining the properties of wood and why a given tool and cut is the appropriate one for any project. The tools - whether for measuring, cutting, drilling, smoothing or assembly - are similarly demystified. The warm and encouraging tone also will bolster any beginner’s confidence as they learn the craft.

The book’s 15 projects include a stool, desk organizer, wooden mallet, small workbench, sawhorse, tool tote and dining implement. Each project is shown step-by-step and serves as both a satisfying product and means of building skills.

Trade paperback. 240 pages. Filled with color pictures and encouragement.

Pages: 240
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

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