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Woodworker's Guide to Live Edge Slabs: Transforming Trees into Tables, Benches, Cutting Boards, and

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by George Vondriska

Live-edge furniture allows the unique features of a piece of wood to dictate the project, celebrating irregularities such as knots, bug holes and splits as the unique components of the wood's character.

If you're curious about live-edge furniture but also a little intimidated, The Woodworker’s Guide to Live Edge Slabs will provide the assurance and information you'll need to mill, dry, and prepare your own slab. You’ll also learn about using epoxy and resin, creating waterfall edges and other essential live-edge techniques.

The guide incorporates eight projects that range in scale and complexity, including a knife block, a charcuterie board, floating shelves, benches, tables, and desks. Just as importantly, the Guide will inspire you to create other projects with the techniques you’ve learned.

You'll find the book to be a reassuring guide to transforming trees into stunning furniture.

Softcover. Filled photographs and informational details.

"This clear, concise book is peppered with plenty of helpful shop tricks. There's a project for every budget and skill set. The section on flattening slabs using a variety of methods alone makes this book a must-read for anyone working with live edge pieces."
--Anne Briggs, Anne of All Trades

"This book has everything you need to go from a beginner to expert when working with slabs. George is incredibly thorough, and this book has tons of knowledge that usually only comes with years of experience ... This book is one of those things I wish I had when I got started working with slabs; it would have saved me lots of headaches and thousands of dollars from painstaking mistakes."
--John Malecki, YouTuber and woodworker

Pages: 144
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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