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The Handcarved Bowl: Design & Create Custom Bowls from Scratch

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The Handcarved Bowl: Design & Create Custom Bowls from ScratchThe Handcarved Bowl: Design & Create Custom Bowls from Scratchcancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Danielle Rose Byrd

Bowl carving is a timeless craft that appeals to both beginning woodworkers and experienced carvers. Both practical - everyone needs bowls! - and idealistic - the process yields many insights about artistic expression with natural materials - bowl carving is deeply satisfying on many levels.

The Handcarved Bowl provides directions for every part of bowl-carving and more importantly, it encourages you to develop the skill to bring forth your unique bowl. A carver, sculptor and woodworking instructor, Danielle Rose Byrd has a deep understanding of where the obstacles lie. Her refreshing approach emphasizes factors that might initially seem outside of the purview of the book - exercises for stretching and self care; detailed instructions on setting up a sharpening station - but in actuality contribute mightily to the budding carver’s ability to persevere in the face of inevitable setbacks. As Byrd writes, “My hope is to supply you with both the knowledge of the materials and the skills enough to discover, perhaps even fearfully at first, your ability to adapt the skills into something that is entirely your own.”

The book is also loaded with valuable tips, such as finding and harvesting wood that has the best potential for creating showstopping bowls.

With step-by-step photos and directions for every stage of the bowl-carving process and three bowl-carving projects. Includes an introduction from Peter Gelbart, photographs by the author, and illustrations by Mattie Hinkley.

"A helpful and insightful resource for current or would-be bowl authentic, warmhearted attitude permeates the entire book. Byrd helps and encourages the reader through anticipated pitfalls and includes an extensive section on stretching and caring for one's body that would benefit any woodworker. The Handcarved Bowl will help many people expand their skills and create wonderful bowls." - Fine Woodworking Winter 2021/2022

Pages: 248
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

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