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Making Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker's Life - 2nd Edition

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Making Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life - 2nd EditionMaking Things Work: Tales from a Cabinetmaker’s Life - 2nd Editioncancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Nancy Hiller

“A necessary read for any aspiring craftsperson, but just as requisite for the cliente. ..poignant, honest, sometimes heartbreaking and sometimes hilarious but always masterful stories.” -- Nick Offerman

The second edition of Nancy Hiller’s fascinating book has a new publisher, Lost Arts Press, which is great news for fans of LAP books that might have missed this book the first time around. The second edition includes an additional new tale and a new dust jacket.

Nancy is a cabinetmaker and author of “English Arts & Crafts Furniture: Projects & Techniques for the Modern Maker” and many articles in Fine Woodworking, Popular Woodworking and other publications. “Making Things Work” is an entertaining and perceptive account of her life as a craftswoman. Nancy is clearly a person who could have made a living doing more lucrative work, but like so many of us, she values making things with her hands and craft in general. She is a very good writer, so her war stories, like her tale of clients from hell, will resonate and amuse. She is also thoughtful when she writes about trying to make her way as a creative craftsperson in a world that values convenience and price.

Making Things Work is not a woodworking how-to, though you could certainly learn a thing or two, nor is it a manual about running a business, though you could learn more than a thing or two on that topic as well. Rather Making Things Work is a fascinating depiction of the path chosen by so many of our cabinetmaker, contractor, designer, etc. customers - to pursue satisfying, creative project-based work, with all the joys and challenges this path entails. Highly recommended.

Hardbound with a sewn binding. 160 pages. Made in the USA.

Pages: 160
Binding: HC
Publisher: Lost Art Press

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