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Identifying American Furniture

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A Pictorial Guide to Styles And Terms Colonial To Conpemporary. Third Edition Revised and Enlarged.
by Milo M. Maeve

We first encountered this book in the bookstore of the National Gallery in Washington DC. After seeing an excellent exhibit comparing several furniture styles, finding a guidebook that succinctly explained everything was a treat. Identifying American Furniture is a guide to the vocabulary and identification of furniture styles from the 17th century onward. Page by page, diagram by diagram, Milo M. Naeve works his way through 4 centuries of furniture, pointing out the details that define each era or style.

From Elizabethan to Shaker, to Art Deco, and more, it's all in the book. This book is not only a rapid education in the history of furniture, it will help you articulate your ideas when talking about furniture. Having a succinct frame of reference is always helpful at the design stage of a project, and this book fits the bill wonderfully.

Styles are arranged chronologically from 1607 to the present and represents thirty-five major furniture styles from Arts and Crafts to Windsor. Milo M. Naeve's vivid commentary draws attention to the book's 196 photographs, pinpointing distinctions among the styles. The author also offers an excellent guide for further reading.

9.1 × 5.9 in / 112 pages. Profusely illustrated with B+W photos throughout.

Pages: 108
Binding: Paper
Publisher: W. W. Norton

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