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Handmade Music Factory

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Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory
Handmade Music Factory

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The Ultimate Guide to Making Foot-Stompin' -Good Instruments
by Mike Orr

If you've ever though to yourself "I'm about as musical as an Ironing board" prepare to have your world rocked by The Handmade Music Factory. This is a FUN book, and Author Mike Orr's easy going style of instruction, jives well with the creative, often humorous, but always functional projects this book covers.

Hand-making musical instruments is part of a growing trend that even celebrities such as Johnny Depp and guitar legend Jack White are taking part in. Whether your a rock legend, a circuit bender, a woodworker looking for a new outlet, or a total newbie this book is sure to inspire.

None of the projects require a lot of money or an expertise in woodworking and electronics, all it takes is a little creativity. The book covers 8 instruments, from a one-string guitar made from a soup can, to a hubcap banjo, and a stand-up lap steel guitar made from a vintage ironing board.

There are also directions for an amp that can be assembled using inexpensive parts from your local electronics store.

This is one of those books that makes everyone smile. It strikes the right balance between thorough explanation, historical background, and git'er done instruction.

9" x 7.1/2". 160 pages. Profusely Illustrated in color.

Pages: 127
Binding: TP
Publisher: Fox Chapel

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