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Ridiculously Simple Furniture Projects

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by Spike Carlsen

For a person starting out building things in wood the question is where do you start? For an experienced woodworker the question of what to build is a tradeoff between working at the peek of your skill or getting stuff out the door. This collection of innovative projects can address both situations. The suggested pieces are practical and easy to get done. They range from really simple stuff that you can finish in an hour to projects that take a little longer, but are real furniture, just very easily made. Most projects require very few tools and most will a have broad appeal, and carry a high brag factor upon completion. The book is written in a breezy, easy to follow style and offers lots of tips as well as clear and instructive photography. The majority of the projects also incorporate clever construction, such as the use of bifold doors, stock cabinets, and off-the-shelf lumber, guaranteeing that the required materials are both inexpensive and easily accessible. These are projects that will get you starting to build stuff. These are projects you can bang out with little fuss and a lot of bang. These are projects that you can do with your kid, as presents, or because you quickly need to funish a room.

Pages: 122
Binding: TP
Publisher: Linden

Customer Reviews:
By: David j Kromer (Sep, 2014)
I took the book out from our local library and have completed the two tables that have the Stickley look. i'm about to embark on making the frank FLoyd Wright chair and ottoman. The book has several projects that i am interested in making. i am a beginner but feel comfortable with the designs and their presentation
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