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Woodworking Basics

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Mastering the Essentials of Craftsmanship
by Peter Korn

Peter Korn’s vast experience as a teacher really comes across in this book. Korn is the author of two previous books and a gallery-exhibited furniture maker, but he’s best known as the director of the Center for Furniture Craftsmanship in Maine, which trains beginning, intermediate and advanced woodworkers. Woodworking Basics provides a comprehensive introduction to all aspects of woodworking, including the joinery, tool usage and the wood itself. Korn guides the reader through a series of projects that build upon each other sequentially, which gives a real sense of accomplishment by the book’s end. It is literally true that Korn provides step-by-step guidance through these projects. In fact, every task of the project is numbered and itemized. All the details are listed, then illustrated with colored photographs. Tips, discussions and lists get their own sidebars. Not only does this comprehensive book really impart woodworking skills, but it also conveys what Korn describes as the other aspect of "craftsmanship": the spirit and way of approaching the work, which gives meaning to the skills he teaches.
8 1/2" x 11". Softcover.

Pages: 186
Binding: TP
Publisher: Taunton

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