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Chinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawings

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Chinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured DrawingsChinese Domestic Furniture in Photographs and Measured Drawingscancelleft arrowright arrow
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by Gustav Ecke

Gustave Ecke was a professor at the Catholic University of Peking in 1944, when his classic book, Chinese Domestic Furniture, was first published. Few copies of the first edition remain, and of course, those that do are now valuable collectibles, well out of reach to the average reader. Fortunately, Dover has reissued the book, long considered the definitive European-language work on Chinese hardwood furniture. Any one who has admired the clear lines and pleasing proportion of Asian furniture can learn a great deal from Ecke's scholarly research and engaging text. While not a "how to" book per se, the detailed scale drawings and photographs will give you a wonderful resource for building your own Chinese furniture. Ecke provides joinery details and a long introduction on the history of Chinese furniture and the woods and materials involved in it. This book was an invaluable aid for our own exhibit on woodworking in Vietnam. Chinese Domestic Furniture contains over 160 photographs and drawings of furniture (tables, chairs, cabinets, couches, cupboards, wardrobes, etc.) and related hardware, and measured drawings for 21 pieces, for woodworkers interested in creating authentic and exquisitely crafted Chinese furniture.

Pages: 161
Binding: TP
Publisher: Dover

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