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How to Carve Wood

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A Book of Projects and Techniques
by Richard Butz

Many woodcarvers have described this book as one of the best guides to carving in print. Rick Butz had a long-running series on PBS, and his talent for instruction can be seen in every chapter. Subtitled "A Book of Projects and Techniques," How to Carve Wood is packed with photos, sketches, charts, definitions and troubleshooting guides - anything to help the reader gain the skills that make woodcarving so enjoyable. Specific chapters are devoted to tools selection, sharpening, and then projects of increasing complexity in chip carving, relief carving, whittling, architectural woodcarving and wildlife models. It is well illustrated and clearly written, and is designed to get you up and carving with the minimum of fuss.
Paperback, 216 pages, 8 � x 11

"The best book available for beginners and novices. " - Roger Schroder, Woodcarving Illustrated

"Clear, interesting and inspiring, with excellent photos and illustrations. "- Popular Woodworking

"I have seen no book that presented woodcarving so attractively nor made me want so much to learn it. "- Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"How to Carve Wood should inspire anyone curious about woodcarving to progress rapidly in developing skill and achieving the creative satisfaction intrinsic to the craft. "- Wood News

Pages: 216
Binding: TP
Publisher: Taunton
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