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Norris Metal Planes

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The Astragal Press
Found in Departments: The History of Tools and Early Technical Processes
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by Joel Moskowitz & Sally Bernstein

Norris Metal Planes features selections from Norris' most important catalogs, showcasing the full line of Norris planes through the end of the 1920s accompanied by Joel's photographs from his collection.

This era is really the height of the Norris Company’s success, and the catalogue will give you the total scope of their production. As a bonus, four pages of brand- new color photographs of some of the Norris planes in our collection have been added, including the rare wooden planes and the more common 50G.

This is an essential catalogue for anyone interested in acquiring a Norris, or just interested in the company’s style of tools and place in hand tool history.

Pages: 38
Binding: TP
Publisher: Astragal Press

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