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Juntaro Mitsukawa 270 mm Dozuki Saw

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Juntaro Mitsukawa  270 mm Dozuki SawJuntaro Mitsukawa  270 mm Dozuki Sawcancelleft arrowright arrow
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What you immediately notice about this saw is that it is an inch longer than most professional Dozuki saws, and its back rib, which strengthens the blade, isn't straight as it is on most Dozuki saws, but rather subtly curved. Naturally there is a reason for all of this. The extra inch means you can cut faster. The curve of the back rib gives the thin (.012�) blade strength against bending at near the handle, which is important. There are other ways of doing this, but this way is the most elegant. The Steel is Yasuki White Pager #2 Blade, the perfect steel for saws. The fine 24 tpi teeth have a very subtle set to them. On saws of this caliber, the grinding and filing of the teeth is carefully checked and hand tensioned by Master Saw Blacksmith Mitsukawa. This is a great saw for large joinery, as the fine teeth will give a very fine cut. However, you may also want to use this saw for general small carcass work, since its added length will make getting almost perfectly smooth finish cuts is very easy.

The handle is wrapped natural rattan woven in a decorative pattern. For no reason � it just looks nice.

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