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Amana Here We Come!


Amana Here We Come! 1
We’re busy packing up the pallets to head to Amana, ready before we are for Handworks 2017. Handworks has a special atmosphere, one that reminds us of the best features of woodworking and living as craftspeople. We don’t have a road team, so it’s always a scramble for us. But it’s well worth it. We really feel moved to be part of this community and grateful to Jameel and Father John and the rest of the Handworks team for establishing such a meaningful show.

Some of the things we’re packing: first, we have a new poster! It’s a limited edition (100 copies - actually 99 ), three-color silk-screened, 19” x 25” poster, printed on 140 lb paper (very heavy) from the French Paper Company - that is, not from France but rather the French family who have been making paper in Michigan since 1871. Plane spotting is the responsibility of every woodworker, and this poster will help keep you vigilant about which planes are hanging in your shop or house. (the poster isn't on the website yet but will be next week before the show).

Another new addition to our treasure chest: spoon carving knives from Ben and Lois Orford. Periodically people ask me about the future of woodworking, and one aspect of woodworking that is growing ever more popular is spoon carving. Newcomers to woodworking are learning what veteran woodworkers know: It’s wonderful to use your hands and craft something useful out of wood. And let’s be fair, greenwood is much more forgiving than hardwoods, and a spoon project is much faster than a highboy. Orford tools have a wide global following, and we are the only place in the US to sell Orford sloyd and crook knives. We’ll also be bringing spoon carving knives and froes by Ray Iles. We like to offer you choices!

We’ll also be bringing lots of our most popular tools - Gramercy Tools holdfasts, saws, saw vises, hardware store saws, and finishing supplies, T shirts (a customer with already owns one of our Gramercy T shirts came by today to buy a shirt for his buddy and another one for himself, and declared, “This is the best T shirt ever.”), and more.

Amana here we come!
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05/10/2017 Joe Zimmerle
Looking forward to next weekend. Won't be there until Saturday, so hoping to still get one of those posters, they look great!
05/10/2017 Kevmeister
I need one of those posters! (but I'm in Australia, so no Amana show for me). Problem is, the poster would become like a "bucket list" of planes to purchase, own, and love ;-)
05/11/2017 Kris
Wish I could attend. Hopefully I will get there one of these years! Good luck!
05/19/2017 Andy
Is the poster being put on the web as suggested in the blog?
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