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BREN Video Roundup

Competitions - What Can You Make in Half an Hour? and Plane the Thinnest Possible Wood Shaving


Like most people, we spend lots of time (way too much time) surfing the web, entranced by various videos. In Video Roundup, we offer some videos from all over the world that we found especially intriguing.
In this entry, we're enjoying some competitions. In “What Can You Make in Half an Hour?” you’ll be impressed by what a determined woodworker can fashion in just half an hour!
“Wood Planing Competition in Uwajima” shows the annual battle for thinnest giant shaving of planed wood. Winners routinely get shavings about a tenth of the width of human hair. (Don’t blame us if you find yourself hankering for fresh pasta after watching this video.)

What Can You Make in Half an Hour?

Wood Planing Competition in Uwajima 2012

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