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New Tools - Fall 2016


New Tools - Fall 2016 1
Last time this year I was in a blind panic about finding a new home for TFWW. We had been in negotiations with our then landlord for several months, and I honestly thought we would have a deal. But when I got the lease, it was a non-starter. So my lawyer said, Find a new place, and I listened to him. Instead of getting new products for the fall and winter seasons, I spent my time and energy looking at overpriced warehouse spaces.

We actually found our current home, 112 26th Street, Brooklyn 11232, during Christmas week 2015, when I, the only guy dumb or desperate enough to try to find a new warehouse in the snow during Christmas week, and the only real estate agent working that week in Brooklyn met at at the space. Done! We worked out a deal.

The next few months were a mad dash of packing up a warehouse - about 12 25' truckloads of stuff, machinery movers, and gangs of people disassembling and reassembling everything. I am extremely proud of my crew as we only stopped shipping for two days.

Flash forward to the present. This year we're managing to do what retailers are supposed to do this time of year - get some new stuff in.

We decided to focus on rounding out product lines. So we have Milk Paint, Snappy Tools which are made in USA, and basically have a gazillion attachments for drills, socket drivers, even stuff especially for Festool.

We took in a wide range of Occidental Leather goods. These guys make the best work belts and pouches - all in the USA.

We have new books. We are now carrying something Ray Iles has been after me for years to carry - Spoon carving tools. We stocked these on Ray's recommendation and they are really solid and well made. Sharp too!. In addition to the spoon carving tools Ray snuck in a tiny froe - he calls it a Micro Froe into the box he sent us. I'm not sure if I formally ordered them, or said send me a sample, or said throw in a dozen or so, but for small work they are perfect, and even in the small size the blade geometry is spot on.

We also extended our range of brushes to include under the BT&C brand some great brushes for regular finishing and to complement our range of milk paint.

Finally - Crowned CBN Wheels - currently we only have them in 6" diameter but 8" wheels should be here shortly. You get the advantage of a very cool running wheel that's crowned for ease of use, but needs NO DRESSING.

So you can see that I've had a busy week!

P.S. if you look closely you can see, at the bottom left Burnheart Made's very cool Dancing Master Calipers.

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11/03/2016 Jett Keyser
This was a delightful sharing...Thank you...I am old...but relatively new to the language of woodworking...rather enchanted actually...not a rare condition...I am little work space is now happening on the Oregon Coast...Should be a good first year of what for me...I would call real production...I am thinking that if I can produce a new project...each month that would be truly wonderful...

Jett Keyser
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