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How to Accurately Measure & Lay Out Your Work

Thu Jun 23 2016 Measure Twice - Cut Once

How to Accurately Measure & Lay Out Your Work 1Your design relies on accurate layout, and your layout is only as accurate as your measurements. In this free two-hour class, we'll discuss the fundamentals of precise measuring and layout (both traditional and modern), and the tools best used to achieve them. From checking the accuracy of your tools, to using a marking gauge efficiently, to transferring your layout and keeping the pieces organized, we'll share all of our well-learned practices that ensure our work isn't DOA.

Of course, there are as many opinions as there are tools, so we'll talk about which types of squares and marking tools work best for us, and give you a shot at trying them out. Join us in the Tools for Working Wood Classroom - take the R train to 25th Street or enjoy the abundant parking nearby.

Instructor: Joel Moskowitz
Cost: FREE
Class duration: 2 hours
Where: At our showroom at 112 26th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11232

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06/12/2016 Jaime Saldias Rojas
I´ll be in NYC from june 21 to jun 30. I live in Chile (about 10.000 KM away) and I love woodworking.
I would like to assist the "Thu Jun 23 06:30 PM Measure Twice - Cut Once" class. My wife will be with me.
Probably, I´ll get there earlier in order to buy some stuff. I love everything you carry, but my country is much more poorer than USA so the change make very!! expensive to buy in usa.
You have a wonderful site, and maybe it will be posible for me to look around at your place. Maybe you can can help me with some adresses where I can find some good used tolos
Well, I hope we will tal more over there
I´m making my list...
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