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New Space - New Plans - Too Much to Do!


New Space - New Plans - Too Much to Do! 4"Why do you have a picture of a truck in your woodworking blog?" you may be thinking. Good question! And good news to offer in response: we're moving! This is the first glimpse inside our new space at 112 26th Street in the Gowanus section of Brooklyn. The new space is located only a few blocks from where we are now and as of yesterday the heat is on! The best part is that after eight years on the 5th floor - until recently, with only part-time elevator service - we are moving to a ground floor. We have finally surrendered to our in-store customers' request for earlier hours, and we'll be open at 8 AM Monday through Friday. Full hours will be 8 AM - 5 PM Monday - Friday and 11 AM - 5 PM on Saturday. We are expecting to open around the first of March. Stay tuned for more information...

Please plan to visit us at the Somerset Woodworking Show on February 19 - 21. Like last year we will be full force with our hand tools, including Blue Spruce Chisels which we are stocking but aren't on the website yet (wait a few days) and more tools from Ray Iles and others. Back in Stock - bench chisels From Ashley Iles (the best deal in quality chisels we know about).

In other news, I don't know when I will have details but now that we have a new space, in April, we will be offering some practical courses in woodworking. We have no plans to compete with any of the actual woodworking schools but we want to focus on auxiliary skills that are still very central to woodworking, are related to toolmaking, and that we get asked about all the time. First up will be sharpening and grinding, taught by yours truly using techniques that I have written about in Fine Woodworking, and seen in my sharpening video. The current thought is to offer classes in evenings and then once in awhile have an all day Saturday class for those who have to travel. It's actually pretty fun, bring the family into the city for a day, come to the class, let the family go off to shop, eat, go to a museum or a show. If you are interested drop me a line and I'll start a list. The courses will show up as a new product as soon as I finalize the syllabus and schedule.

Ps- if you know anyone selling a propane forklift we are in the market for one right now.
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01/27/2016 David
Will be looking forward to the classes!
01/27/2016 Bartee Lamar
Very exciting news about you new space. Sorta saw the outside on Google streets ( I think ).

Be very careful with propane forklift. Get a good CO2 monitor...
01/27/2016 jeffk
I'm definitely interested in the courses. If you have any in mind that would be geared toward beginners or people who just want to pick it up again after a long time off - like since middle school wood shop - that would be fantastic.
01/27/2016 jon haney
I think you mean CO (carbon monoxide) not CO2 (carbon dioxide). Measuring equipment is available for both.
01/27/2016 Stewart Rothman
Definitely interested in your classes. Are the new hours effective now? Is it correct that there will be Sunday not Saturday hours?
01/27/2016 Kevin Cullen
I'd be interested. Let me know.
01/27/2016 Jay
I love the space. Congratulations!! Say what is that kangaroo killing bumper/bar on the front of that truck? You need that in the city?
01/27/2016 Niels
I'll miss coming to the old space, I wont miss the stairs!
SATURDAY not Sunday.
New hours effective after we move - by March 1

No idea - truck belongs to my landlord's crew
A Satudray class sounds awesome, I've love something that deals with toolmaking.
01/28/2016 Roy Underhill
Happy housewarming to the new place!
I look forward to a visit - you have the best customers!

Roy & Jane
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