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Woodcarving At Coney Island


Woodcarving At Coney Island 4Last Sunday we went to see the Cyclones play at Coney Island. While not specifically woodworking related, going to see a baseball game in a small stadium, wandering around the boardwalk, the arcade, eating hot-dogs, and of course the beach is traditional entertainment and has a similar tradition to making stuff in your basement. I wasn't expecting to talk about woodworking because I wasn't expecting to find any woodworking on Coney. I am a huge fan of small entertainments. By comparison to say 6 Flags, which is a totally corporate managed environment Coney Island is a tiny jumble of rides, food, things to do, all reflecting a mishmash of different vendors and ideas crammed into a small space. For example, right behind a giant Nathan's is the Coney Island Smorgasbord, which includes booths by Mile End and Blue Marble (to name a few) and might have just closed down for the season I am not sure. And this historic mess of pop and high culture (the aquarium is there too) it's a one hour subway ride from Manhattan and costs a fraction of crappy seats at Yankee Stadium.

Woodcarving At Coney Island 5However, down the block from the stadium, behind the farmers market (also a surprise) and next to the Thunderbolt, knee deep in a bed of wood chips, was a outdoor yard devoted to chainsaw carving!!! This totally blew me away. The work ranged from eh to excellent and there were several people carving away with chainsaws, which is cool to watch and a carving experience that totally scares the willies out of me. And, after the game, amid all those people eating more hot-dogs, ice cream, fries, and more fried stuff than you can possibly imagine, and drinking beer, I saw a customer who had just come from the carving Woodcarving At Coney Island 6yard carrying a very nice carving of a sea horse. That people come to Coney Island to ride the Cyclone, have a hot dog, and buy a decorative carving (and not such a small one either) is totally awesome!

N.B. Normally I try to lead off my blogs with a picture of what the blog is about. But hey - It's Coney Island and it's THE WONDER WHEEL Woodcarving At Coney Island 7
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