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Connect to the Craft - The Aftermath


Connect to the Craft - The Aftermath 4I knew we were in for a killer event the the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop when 20 minutes into Friday the place was crowded and I did my grinding demo in front of 20 people. The incredible packed attendance for both days tells me that there is a real need for more events like this in the PA/NJ/NY region.

It was wonderful meeting all of you and putting faces to the names. A big thank you goes out to Alan and Mario of the PFW for hosting the event - and being great hosts. Also a big thanks to Adam Cherubini, Chris Storb, Bill Grumbine, and Jim Blauvelt for volunteering their time to give incredible demonstrations all day. Of course a big nod to my colleague Tim who worked the entire show with a bad cold.

The whole point of this open house was to let people see what the school has to offer and also to see what furniture making is all about. I learned stuff just listening to Mario do a veneering lecture from afar (I had to stay in my booth). I would have learned a lot from Chris and the others but they were really too far away from my booth.

We had a great time!!!!!!

PS - thanks to Kari Hultman of for the picture of the booth. For more pictures of the event visit her blog.
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02/04/2009 The Village Carpenter
Joel, it was great to meet you and the other presenters. I agree that events like this seem to be popular in this area. The smaller venue, compared with the huge ww fairs, is more intimate and personable.
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