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Connect to the Craft Show - What a Great Logo!!!

01/23/2009 Another reason for coming to the show!!!!

Connect to the Craft Show - What a Great Logo!!! 4That's right - No only does the Philadelphia Furniture Workshop - Open House
Connect to the Craft
on Jan 30 and 31, 2009 have an incredible lineup of free demonstrations including Adam Cherubini, Mario Rodriguez, Bill Grumbine , and many others. And it's free and it's a great chance to meet us and other vendors, and there is free shipping at our booth at the show, and it's the best woodworking show in the Greater Philly area this year, and that includes New Jersey, Delaware, New York, and yes even Brooklyn! and you can meet other woodworkers and find out how much the school has to offer (it is after all an open house!!) It also has a killer Logo!!!!

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