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News (some good some sad)


News (some good some sad) 4 First of all, bad news that might work out Ok, and only effects people who live around 21th street and First ave. Ess-A-Bagel lost its lease and was supposed to close at the end of January. So far it seems to be still open. The landlord supposedly already rented the place to the Bank of America and a second tier bagel place but Ess says they found a place within a block. As Yogi said - "It ain't over until it's over." Needless to say when one is used to starting the weekend breakfasts with a couple of fresh bagels, still hot from the oven, from what is arguably the best bagel shop in the country, a story like this is of grave concern. But since it looks like it will turn out OK I have stopped panicking.

Good News:

We are pleased as punch to announce that we will be - once again - at The Woodwork Shows in Somerset NJ on February 20. We will be bringing extensive quantities of hand tools, Gramercy Tools, DMT, Flexcut, Festool, and Blaklader work wear and Etc. We might even have some new stuff to show off! In addition to us and a bunch of other great vendors 360Woodworking, the group founded by Bob Lang, Chuck Bender, and Glen Huey will be there. I don't know at this point if all three of them are coming, but the schedule shows free seminars! Our booth will be located right next to Patina and antique toolware - which is just dangerous for me personally. I'm not sure if we will have holdfasts at the show - the factory might miss the show by a week. By the way we are starting to stock a lot of Flexcut, more is being added weekly. Flexcut carving tools are made in the USA and are very affordable. They are out of the box sharp, and their multi-tool handle is quick to switch tools with no bother - I'm impressed.

For the month of February we are having a 10% off sale on the Festool Kapex and Kapex Accessories. For those of you on the fence about getting the best, most accurate, chop saw on the market, now is your chance. Remember all Festool tools come with a three year warranty and that includes free shipping to and from Festool.

Sad News:
Clico Industries - makers of Clifton Planes and other stuff has finished up. Fortunately the plane department has been sold and is still going strong under the aegis of Thomas Flinn, the makers of Pax and other saws. Jennings auger bits, hollow mortise bits, and spoon bits are currently orphaned and we have no more coming in. At this point I don't have another vendor for these products and when they are gone, they are gone. I am very sad to see them go. We have a film of the factory in operation here.

Adria Tools, sawmakers, has ceased operations. Eddie Sirotich has always maintained Adria as a part-time business. He has decided focus on other activities and will cease trading as parts run out. In 2005 we stocked Adria saws and liked them a lot. Fine Woodworking gave them a top notch review and they certainly inspired many companies, ourselves included, to manufacture saws.

I am of course depressed every time a tool company shuts down. But on the other hand most of the tools I use personally I either bought 30 years ago, or bought from someone who bought them someone who bought them a century or more ago. The companies might not be around any longer but the tools remain, and are useful testaments to past glory. And of course for every company finishing up, another starts up, and we hope to be stocking the products of a few new ventures soon.
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02/04/2015 Kevin Sommerville
Oh man. I live in Stuyvesant town and, since moving to New York 8 years ago, have only ever bought my bagels from Ess. My wife knows no other bagel.
Good to hear they have found somewhere new, but that old shop should be protected by law. Disgraceful. How many more banks!
02/04/2015 Chris M
Not Ess-A-Bagel!? Their roast beef sandwich on a fresh Everything bagel is as close to Heaven on Earth as I've ever seen (even though it's nigh on 1,000 calories a pop)...
02/04/2015 Roy Underhill
Oh Joel!

Is this the place with the grand boiling pot you took us to on our visit? You were so proud of the place and I join you in dismay at the loss to the neighborhood and the only real bagels I have ever known!

02/05/2015 Martin Sommerville
Oh my brother, I feel your pain from across the ocean. hope they rise again, like a tangy dough - in time for us visit, and for you to get your breakdast!
02/05/2015 Kevin Sommerville
Oh so many "Oh's".
It is the one with the grand boiling pot.

Thanks brother. I know in my heart that the grand old pot will find a new spot.
Nothing can stop the rise of a bagel.
We will share and scoff soon enough.
03/12/2015 Christopher J. Thomas

Please, on my next order (most likely mortise chisels) could you include an onion bagel from
Ess-A-Bagel? They look fantastic! Here, in Milwaukee in my part of town don't have a specialty shop making excellent bagels...Buy mine from our local coffee roaster "Colectivo Coffee".
Cheers, old friend, Christopher
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