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Cyber Monday - Actually Starts On Sunday Night!


Cyber Monday - Actually Starts On Sunday Night! 4This coming Monday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, has become to be known as "Cyber Monday" and on-line retailers (that's us) are supposed to have some really great deals for you. Most years we have pretty much ignored Cyber Monday because let's be fair we are kind of busy and we have pretty good deals year around. However, and this is a trait pretty common amongst all retailer of a certain age, in business for years at the same location. We have tons and tons of perfectly good merchandise that we can't sell for one reason or another. And it piles up. Usually the only thing wrong is a packaging or cosmetic defect, or something we discontinued and have a few left. But in any case the stuff takes up more and more room. So Ben and Nar have spent weeks photographing the tools, writing one line descriptions and getting over three hundred items ready for the chop.

The list include wonderful new old stock that we never got around to selling normally, and dented crap that someone might want for reasons we don't get.

So that's why there has been that poster up on our webpage for the past week. Sunday night, around 10:00 PM Brooklyn time, it all goes live and it's open season. Why Sunday at 10:00 not midnight? We are a small company and the poor sap who has to release everything and not screw it up is me, and if I wait until midnight I will probably pass out first.

BTW we also have no idea if the web site can take the volume of traffic, and actually everyone in on-line retailing is wondering if the entire Internet can take the volume of traffic. We will see.

Also - and this is important - for the first time we are allowing people to reserve items in their baskets. Once you add a sale item into your basket you will have 30 minutes to close the sale, Theoretically more time if nobody else wants it but by 30 minutes we mean 30 minutes. After that, if your order isn't COMPLETED, anyone can put the item into their shopping cart and it will vanish from your cart. So my suggestion is, set up your cart over the weekend with anything else you might want to order (and save on shipping) - such as some gramercy tools, or the new Festool stuff that is shipping on Dec 1 or some brand new ready for winter Blaklader work clothing, and then after 10:00 put the stuff you want in your basket and check out.

Good luck, have fun!

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