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Colen Clenton - A Man and His Shed


Colen Clenton - A Man and His Shed 4Colen Clenton is the maker of a range of really wonderful adjustable squares and other measuring tools that we have been proud to stock for many years. I've never met him in person but we have chatted on the phone about this and that for ages from our ends of the earth. When my son was born, Colen sent us a magnificent rattle made of she-oak. He's a wonderful craftsman and a wonderful guy.

This video shows Colen in his New South Wales, Australia, shed workshop. I'm writing this from a Manhattan high-rise but I can admire his very different lifestyle and of course the reverence for craft that we share. Colen began his tool manufacture by making tools for his own use that attracted the eyes of people who coveted them. He speaks warmly and encouragingly to others who would like to earn their livelihood with their crafts. And needless to say, his gorgeous tools are scene-stealing supporting players throughout the video.

One of the things I find most interesting about Colen's tools is that while they do exactly the same thing as many other measuring tools by other makers, their combination of design, materials, and execution makes them feel wonderful in the hand and amazingly satisfying to use. Watch the video and see how Colen's values and life choices are reflected in his tools.

We stock the complete line of Colen's tool here.
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10/29/2014 Carson Brown
I really enjoyed the video with Colen in his Shed. I share so many of his sentiments towards crafting. "I don't have customers, I have friends". I think that is the beauty of working out of a shed, and pouring your heart into your work.
10/29/2014 Douglas R Dexheimer
I also enjoyed the video with Colen Clenton in his shed. I really appreciate the beauty of well made tools, and his use of beautiful wood with steel and brass. I wish he lived nearby so I could watch him at his craft. I also work with wood and metal, using hand tools primarily, but I use an old engine lathe from time to time for circular objects. "Colen's shed" video, was a push to get me off the computer and out in the workshop.
Keep up the good work! Enjoy what you do and share your talents: others will see your good works, and ask you to show them how you do your craft. GOD bless!
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