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The New Phone System is Here!! The New Phone System is Here!!

11/04/2008 YAWBE (Yet another weak blog entry)

The New Phone System is Here!! The New Phone System is Here!! 4I actually wrote the following at the beginning of October but figured it was such a weak entry I would skip it. But since it's been a bit since my last post I figured I would let it go and include a followup:

This past week we graduated to a real phone system. You may not find this exciting but after 6 years of hollering across the warehouse we have finally outgrown the old system and splurged for a proper professional system.

This of course led me to reflect a minute on how, as a professional iron monger, not a lot has changed in the way catalog business has been conducted for 250 years. What's changed is the speed of commerce not it's essence. These days we get phone calls from Great Britain for some tools and they expect a week later to have the tools in hand and we get paid electronically. Two hundred and fifty years ago the only difference was that the retail margin was higher and the order took six months.

ps - we still haven't got all the quirks out of the system and we need to re-record some of the messages. Overall it's still a big improvement.

pps - I do promise a far more interested blog entry next week that actually has relevant tool content!
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11/04/2008 Paul Chapman
I see from the Mont Blanc ink bottle that you still use a fountain pen. That's good - sometimes the old ways are still the best ;-)


Paul Chapman
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