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Tell Us What You Think 4We have several thousand distinct products in our catalog of which a lot of them are just size permutations of the same thing. But still it's a lot of stuff. I pick products because I either like the product and I think people will want it. We also stock a lot of products that I'm attached to but don't sell very many of, but I think more people should have them.

But not everyone looks at our tools the same way. Some of you love what you buy, some of you like what you buy and wish the thing did something a little different. Some of you use the product in completely different ways and applications than we originally thought and you might have a completely different take on if it's good or bad.

Since we pay return shipping (see the warranty page for the details and time limits) on domestically shipped products I like to think that if you thought what you got sucked, or you liked it but it turned out you didn't need it, you just returned it. The last thing you or I need is a tool you don't like sitting in your shop winking at you.

We tell you what we think of a product in our descriptions. What I want to know, and what other woodworkers want to know is; what you do think? So we have just added product customer reviews to all our products. Tell us what you think! As long as the review is honest and not abusive we will be happy to share them with everyone. It helps us, it helps other woodworker's, and it can make interesting reading. There is a link next to every product title on the product description page, and towards the end of each description where you can add a review.

In other news:
A fast way to find what you are looking for is to use our search facility. It's new and much improved and it searches all our products, articles, blog entries, and issues of Work magazine. Just type your query in the search box on the upper right of every screen.

A bunch of items have been added to our clearance and sale pages - all at pretty good prices. We clear stuff out because the company isn't selling them to us anymore, They stopped selling for some reason, or we have replaced the product with something new and improved. And we need the warehouse space. Happy shopping.

Note: The Work Magazine Reprint Project is barreling towards its first anniversary which is in a couple of weeks. It's been a rousing success and if you are following along the range of stuff that they cover is amazing. It comes out every Friday, I dip into it over the weekend, and every issue I find something that I never knew. I'm actually building one of the furniture pieces in the magazine. More on that later. I will write a special anniversary blog in a few weeks with some additional comments. It has been an exciting project to start up and even more exciting as the articles unfold every week.
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03/05/2013 Bob Endriss
You've probably head this before but, get rid of the brown background - very annoying.
03/05/2013 David Silverson
Sorry to disagree but for ny aging eyes I find the brown background works well.
03/05/2013 Myrl Phelps
In response to the above. I'm turning 60 this year and wear trifocals, the grey color on the left works better for me.
03/05/2013 MIke Allen
Joel, thanks for adding customer reviews. I find that feedback from someone who is actually using the tool is very helpful. I will gladly share my experience with the tools that I have happily purchased from you.

I applaud your passion for woodworking and handtools, IMHO you not only offer innovative, superior products, but also bring a lot of helpful energy and information to the woodworking community. Thank you!
03/05/2013 Ken Kennedy
I'm 84 and don't understand what all this "brown color" is about.
The chartreuse background is very pleasing.
Joel; I have 2 of your Grammercy holdfasts and use them frequently.
I also have 2 made by the the Russian up on the Yukon River in Alaska (the ones Chris Schwarz had in his workbench book)
which i also use frequently because they are so pretty and unique and have a little more "spring"---also cost 3x vise Grammercy.
Throw in a couple of Veritas adjustables and a mallet and anything that doesn't want to smack-down held in place becomes dry- mouthed
with fear.
Like Mike i also applaud the contribution you and TFWW make to the WW community.
03/05/2013 Paul Simpson
I like your products, insightful descriptions, and the general confidence I have since you are a fellow woodworker. My only complaint is that a lot of time products I want are out of stock.
03/05/2013 Bryan Robinson
I just got your bowsaw and it is great. I have a problem when cutting dovetail waste changing direction of the saw blade and I am not sure how to correct it. Any suggestions?
The way you change direction when you saw is to continue doing long strokes and turn the saw as you saw. Short stokes just twist the blade and don't let you saw through the turn.

03/06/2013 Bryan Robinson
Thanks, Joel. I'll practice that and see if I can get the technique down pat.
03/06/2013 Ken Benway
Gramercy has been a key find. With no vise (yet) on my work bench, the Gramercy hold fasts are superb! I need to get two more. They'll never go to waste.
03/07/2013 Dave W.
Please don't change any of the colors anywhere on your website.
03/10/2013 Steve Stewart
I too have the Gramercy hold fasts and second the comment made by Ken Benway; they are great!

NEXT: A question: Can someone comment on the Japanese style dove tail saw offered by Tools for Wood Working? I believe the man's name was "Oldon"...

Finally, does anyone have a recommendation based on experience for a good quality panel saw and also a coping saw?

Thank you!
03/12/2013 Gavin
I like the products you guys make and sell. I am glad you stock oil stones.

What I would like to see is someone in the USA (like you guys) carry more of the Narex product line. They seem to make quite a large variety of tools besides the chisels that have such a good following. Narex has good quality at a good price. Not everyone wants super premium tools or prices. I want to be able so supply my woodworking students at school with good tools without killing my budget and point them in a good direction for tools of their own. Wood workers need an intermediate option, better than cheap big box junk but less than Lie Nielsen. These tools need to be new so they are more widely available than hunting for vintage tool deals.
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