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WORK The Work Magazine Reprint Project

The First Issue of Work is Now Available


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03/13/2012 Jason

This is so cool! Thank you in advance for taking the time to do this. It is very generous of you. I look forward to the first issue.
03/13/2012 Lewis E. Ward, Figure in the Wood
We're all fortunate that you are making this material accessible.
03/13/2012 Dennis
Agreed! Thanks so much Joel!
03/13/2012 David
This is a awesome project. I have gotten completely hooked on old publications and this will be a big treat.

Thank Joe !!!
03/13/2012 Charlie Pendleton
Very excited about this. I also cannot wait to share with my best friend and fellow wood-worker who is serving our country in Afghanistan.
03/13/2012 Don
This effort sings volumes about your character, sir. I can't wait to read the first issue!
Please know you are appreciated and respected for your generosity.

03/15/2012 Robert Peterson
Awesome! Thanks for taking the time to make this available to all of us.
03/18/2012 John Elliott
this is great! thanks, and the price, wow
03/19/2012 Jim
This will be most enjoyable. Thanks greatly.
03/20/2012 lou barchey
Great work guys, I am counting down too!
03/22/2012 Collin
You, sir, are a gentleman and a scholar that now has provided us villeins a means to escape the fangs of unmerciful officers out to arrest us for debt we cannot compass (Thanks for making this a free magazine!). I can not wait for this to be downloadable! What a great gift you are providing to those of us that enjoy making things. Thank you!
03/22/2012 Ib Rikhof
Can hardly wait. Thanks a million!
03/25/2012 K A R
For the price of a penny b the reader received a real bargain back in 1889! Through your generosity, we in 2012 beat the 1889 price! Thanks Joel, this is a real treat and the quality of the reprint is superb.
03/26/2012 Mark Schreiber
This is great--Thanks. How many of these are there and how often will you publish?
It's a weekly and we have at least 4 years worth of material
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