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Lots and Lots of Saw Patents


I recently got this email:

Joel & Gramercy crew,

I recently finished part of a saw research project that may interest you.
It is a 5 volume PDF file on US saw sharpening patents. It totals almost
16 thousand pages of drawing and text for patented American saw vises,
sets, swages, filers, grinders, gauges, gummers, shapers, jointers, etc.
Each volume is in the 200MB range so it may take time to download them.
The research covers all tools related to handsaw sharpening, but is not
limited to handsaws. The documents are text 'searchable' and chronological
by topic. If you saw the workbench patents file a few months back on the
Schwarz blog, it is the same basic idea.

I spent about 3 months of my free time putting this together and would
like to share it with the saw making and woodworking community. I put you
on the list of people to email because you make such nice saws & vises,
and have blogged on the topic. Please feel free to share this with anybody
that may be interested.

The URL for volume 1 is below. Volumes 2-5 are linked on the cover page of
vol 1, or you can just change the numeral in the URL.

There is also a side project on Henry Disston:

Jeff Burks
in Danbury CT

Now I've just gotten this email, and have only taken a brief look at the information. It's exhausting and probably isn't everyone's cup of tea. However if you are in the business as we are, or are interested in making something for yourself or are just plain curious, this is a mother-lode of stuff. For us I wish we had it when we were researching saw vises. I know we can locate a lot of this information in the on-line patent records but having someone else consolidate the information in one place is a real boon.

Thank You Jeff!!!!

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11/15/2010 Chuck Nickerson
As a community, we are truly indebted to people like Jeff. I keep hoping some corner of this hobby will grab me in such a way that I'll compile similarly useful documents.
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