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The Catalog Is At The Printer


The Catalog Is At The Printer 4The 2011 Catalog is at the printer!!!! finally. It will be available for download within the week or so and mailed out pretty soon. It's a huge load off my mind. If you ordered from us in the past year or so you will get a copy mailed to you. It's kind of a bittersweet deadline because I think this will be our last printed catalog. Between the cost of printing and postage, and the changes we are getting during the year on pricing an annual catalog is pretty much out of date two weeks after we print it (we already know of price rises that aren't in the catalog because we don't have final numbers from the manufacturer) and we just don't have the resources to do full mailings throughout the year. Please let me know what you think of the catalog when you get it and how important it is to you. We do plan other mailings of mini-catalogs but we don't have a schedule for that yet.

In the new catalog there are a few price rises the most important of them being a big jump in the saw vise. Sorry but it can't be helped. We have put up some new products already but the new catalog will see the addition of a a 1/8" mortise chisel, and some new books. As those products come on line I'll write about them here. A big new product will be a veneer saw - more on that in a week or two. Except for Two Cherriies, Starrett, and Brusso, the prices that will be affected will change on November 1,2010. Those prices will change later.

Some prices on Auriou cabinetmaker's rasps actually went down a little.

Two Cherries prices will rise on January 1, 2011,

Sorry about such a dry, administrative blog entry but we always get asked about when prices are changing and with the blog it's great I can let you know and give you a little advance notice.

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10/28/2010 Wesley Tanner
While I understand the burden publishing the catalogue places on you, I for one will be quite sorry to see it go. I use it to mark past and future purchases, and refer to the dye color chart on the inside covers. Thanks for hanging on to it for another year.

It's certainly a loss for some people but things like the dye chart will live on in some fashion. We expect to do some sort of mini-catalogs. Another goal is to work on making the on-line catalog easier to use in the way a paper catalog is. There is a lot of interesting things happening in the world of information and my next few months will be spent working on the infrastructure of the software to support new stuff.
10/28/2010 Luke Townsley
I like to look through the catalog, but won't really miss it too much. I'm more of a hunter than a browser when it comes to new tools and most supplies.

And yes, with the infationary period I believe we are entering, a yearly catalog could be the proverbial millstone around the neck.

It can be really nice to be able to browse through a magazine for hardware though.
10/28/2010 Chuck Nickerson
Veneer saw? Can we hope it's a largeish fram saw whose blade is tuned for producing veneer?
12/22/2010 Henrique
I like a lot to keep a paper catalog. I would appreciate to receive a copy of it, even if it's a paid copy (lee valley, classic tools do it for int'l customers). For situations you're not in front of the computer (lunchtime, in the bedside table to read before fall asleep!).


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