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Festool Introduces Two New Vacs (replacing the CT 22 and 33)


Festool Introduces Two New Vacs (replacing the CT 22 and 33) 4In the old days all a shop vac had to do was suck. And we were grateful for that. However times have changed and we expect more from a shop vacuum. While a stationary dust collection system is very useful in a large shop, for portable machines, for a smaller shop, and for working on-site a good vacuum is essential. The core of the Festool system are the vacuums. There are 4 of them ( click here for details. Finally, after years of the great service Festool has replaced the fabulous CT-22 and CT -33 models with two new models available starting October first. The new CT 36 is shown above and is identical to the new smaller CT 26 except for bag size. As before we expect most people to get the smaller, less expensive 26, although for a Kapex or Router the larger machine might be more appropriate. (You can pre-order anytime and there is a chance that the release date will be moved up). The CT 22 and CT 33 were the best, quietest, HEPA filtered, easy to use vacuums on the market and the new vacs just build on their success. New features to look out for: Bigger bags; more capacity; bags that can be filled further without clogging or reducing efficiency; a built in hose garage; better wheels; more power; bag change is easier. The list goes on. Of course supplies such as bags for the old vacuums are still available, and the two smaller vacs, the Mini and Midi are still going strong. All the package discounts that you got when you buy a tool with a 22 or 33 have been switched to the new vacuums.
Just because we have newer models that do more, it doesn't take away from how great the old vacs were. The 33 is a little less expensive than the 36, and if you already have a 33 and you want another, you may not want to stock two kinds of bags. So please consider the CT 33, we have a couple left in stock (the CT 22's are all gone). Please call me at 800-426-4613 x 118 or me if you have any questions. Click here for more details on the new vacuums and to pre-order.

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