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November or March In New York - maybe


November or March In New York - maybe 4This is a trial balloon. I haven't made any phone calls or done any real work on this. But it would be fun. Is there any interest in having a two or three day woodworking trip to New York City? New York City is home of some of the finest collections of furniture in the United States and I am thinking of a tour during the day seeing great furniture, with expert guides and behind the scenes opportunities. I love seeing furniture in museums with other woodworkers - you can't beat the discussion of the details with the real thing right in front of you.

We could also visit some of the shops in New York city that do high end architectural woodworking.

I thought of this idea years ago but what makes me hesitate is the general cost of a hotel in New York. This is why woodworking shows are never in New York City. However if you are willing to stay in Brooklyn or even Staten Island hotel costs go down dramatically.

If you are fairly local of course there is no lodging costs. If you bring a spouse or anyone who isn't interested in tagging along the tour we have some of the best shopping anywhere in the world. At night I think everyone would love getting turned loose on the city and we can help you get any type of food anywhere - and tell you how to get 1/2 priced theater tickets. We can even arrange some interesting side tours if you wish.

We can also probably sneak in a talk or two on tools, and give you a chance to meet our tool designer and play with both our tools, and some of the historic stuff we use for research.

By definition a tour like this has to be limited to a few people - maybe 10-15 tops. Second, even after you exclude not inexpensive travel, lodging costs, meals, shows, and shopping, access to the quality of tour I want to arrange will cost something. We would probably hold it in either November or March but nothing is cast in stone. most probably a Wednesday - Friday or Thursday - Saturday. What are your thoughts on the matter? Please let me know. Either post a comment or send me email.


PS - For me it would be a great chance to meet more of you and I think getting to see furniture with fellow woodworkers and a knowledgeable guide will be a gas.

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05/27/2010 Peter Chast

I'm close enough at about 3 hours away to make a couple of day trips. I've sent the link to part of the and we'll see what the response there is. Parking would be the question for us although we would car pool.

05/27/2010 Steve Kay
Intriguing, to say the least.

My wife and I often take day trips to Manhattan from Delaware. I've even left her shopping at the seaport while I came to visit you.

I would seriously consider participating.
My preference would be March.
05/27/2010 David Bird
Very interested. I live in the Hudson Valley.
05/27/2010 Eugene
I live in New York, and it's too bad we don't have any of the conferences, or even a Lie-Nielsen show here. I am dying for this kind of education and I would definitely join.
Wow - during the day we have had a bunch of comments and I have had a ton of enthusiastic emails. So I'm going to go to the next step and start doing a little legwork. Late March seems to be a better time for most people and the weather should be a little better - but I have to study a calendar. I'll do another follow-up post once I know something. There were a couple of questions on cost - my rough guess (outside food and lodgings) will be about 200-400 depending if it goes 2 or three days. At this point I don't really know but I will figure it out.

thanks for the support
definitely interested!
(in brooklyn)
05/29/2010 Chris Bond
What a great idea! I’m surprised that NYC has not hosted a woodworking expo. Perhaps Fine Woodworking would be interested in bringing their crew to NYC. I think it would be a good article. “how the boys in the big apple do it”

05/30/2010 Al Navas
I am very interested, and will arrange to be there - it will be terrific!

Late March definitely will work best for me. I am already looking forward to it!!!

06/03/2010 Rob (Brooklyn)
Would love this!
06/10/2010 Michael

Great idea Joel. Being a native (born and raised in Brooklyn) I would make it my business to be there!

06/14/2010 Tony Mathews
A great idea Joel. I live an hour from NYC and would jump at the chance to do this.
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