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The Story Behind the Rule


The Story Behind the Rule 4Who was H. H. Warner of Tacoma (Washington)? When I first got this ivory rule (a Stanley 87) I assumed it was an advertising rule because H. H. Warner, the name carefully engraved around the joint, looks so corporate. But I was wrong. A quick Google search turned up several H. H. Warner's but only one was in Tacoma. Mr. H.H. Warner seems to have been a politico of the city, and worked on committees dealing with buildings and other stuff. Ivory rules were almost never used in regular work and were more a presentation item or an expensive present. I'm guessing a present. You know the sort of do-dad that contractors hand out to all the "important people" on a project to show their appreciation on dedication day. Of course it's just speculation but it's a reasonable idea. These days all you get is a Lucite block.

The Story Behind the Rule 5

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Bill Kirk
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it's listed as out of stock but in fact it is in stock and it's now in a 20 oz bottle. We should update the website tomorrow.


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