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Some Product Updates


Some Product Updates 4I am at this weird point where so much stuff is happening at once that I am just exhausted and having trouble stringing sentences together. Also we belong to a program run by Verizon that helps trains small businesses like us to be alert and work extra hard. Therefore for most of the day (Monday - our busiest) we didn't have any phone service or Internet access. Things are better now - and hopefully I will clear all the unanswered emails tomorrow.

Now I have written drafts of blog entries on woodworking technique - comparing bevel up and bevel down planes, woodworking history, etc. but all of them require actual calmness to finish research, look up dates, photograph the important stuff and - of course sharpen stuff. Found out today that the iron of the mitre plane I am planning to use in a demo has a cracked iron. Not sure if it matters.

Onto a round-up of product news.

The Leather Bound Joiner and Cabinet Maker - the first edition sold out very quickly and due to customer demand Lost Art Press is binding another 26 copies (about half gone to the folks who missed out on the first run) at the same price (165+8.50 delivery)

This run will be different than the first. The book will be bound by hand by the craftsmen at Ohio Books in Cincinnati, but the leather will be a finely grained black cow skin. The title on the cover and spine will be debossed and foiled with a matte silver (Chris experimented with several sheens and colors). And the marbled end sheets are a matching black and gray. Click here if you'd like details of the shop that does the binding.

Each book will be signed by me and Chris Schwarz and lettered A through Z. There aren't enough books to justify a product entry so email or call me at 800-426-4613 or 718-499-5877. (note: the picture is the same one on the lost arts press blog)

Please note that half of this run of black leather books is already reserved.

As always, it's first-come, first serve.

There might be a third run of 26 copies later in the year using a different leather (green or deep red, perhaps). However, there are no guarantees it depends on demand.

Gramercy Brushes - the 2" brush will be back in stock early next week. And look for an announcement on some new brushes.

Sash Saw - The first batch is made and we have shipped a few. In general I have just been too busy to write a store description and that project has been stupidly delayed. Boxes are here and the entire workshop is focusing on getting sash saws and more dovetail and carcass saws out the door.

Saw Vise - The first batch of saw vises had a lot of hand finishing work and for the next run we decided to redo some tooling and things - it's taking a lot longer than we thought but we won't ship until everything is right. Hopefully the first week of April. A first article using the new tooling is due here this week. Fingers crossed.

Look for some really interesting sale announcements next week or so and some more interesting new products in the next few weeks.

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