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The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - Limited Edition Bound in Leather.


The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - Limited Edition Bound in Leather. 4Up until a couple of weeks ago, when Chris got his copy, I was possibly the only person on the planet with a leather bound version of The Joiner and Cabinet Maker. My copy is from 1845 or so and has seen better days. The original book was cost a shilling in a cheap paper binding, and Charles Knight, the publisher, really believed in inexpensive books that were affordable to anyone. While that's an admirable goal - which I certainly agree with, you can't beat a leather binding for "hand feel" and a sense of history.

We took some extra copies that were not bound at the printer and had a custom binder bind 26 copies, one for each letter of the alphabet, in leather, signed by both Chris Schwarz and myself, with a sleeve glued in the back for the included DVD. I should mention that after signing all 26 copies I got a chance to compare my signature to Chris's. As you can see in the photo Chris signs his name with sure, angular lines, as befitting an accomplished writer and editor. My signature is rounder, more juvenile, you can sort of picture me signing carefully with intense focus and my tongue handing out - which is not far from the truth. And of course while Chris's handwriting demonstrates fluency, my handwriting telegraphs surprise that I seem to know ALL the letters. But fortunately Chris assigned the letter sequence to the books so my fluency isn't being tested.The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - Limited Edition Bound in Leather. 5

You can read a lot more about the edition here on the Lost Arts Press website, and about the bindery here.

As it happens when Chris first announced that these books would be available we got enough inquiries so we are largely sold out of this edition. I regret I didn't post this blog entry earlier but with the holidays I have been both swamped and exhausted, and have neglected the blog for a few weeks. Also I didn't have the books until yesterday. We probably should have used a language with a larger alphabet but as of now we are basically sold out. Send me an email if you are interested and I will look around. Regular, cloth bound editions are of course available here and as always I am happy to inscribe your copy if you wish.


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01/25/2010 Chuck Nickerson
My copy has arrived and it's wonderful. I particularly enjoy the hand-written corrections to the credits page, and the customized book mark. Great idea!
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