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I have lots of Vises - Shipping Update


I have lots of Vises - Shipping Update 4Just an update to my blog entry of last week. The first load of saw vises have arrived and they are being tested and shipped. The second round - which is a lot more units should arrive next week.
Garnet shellac is here and is packed. Amber shellac is here but not packed yet.
Dovetail saw kits are underway and should ship in a day or so. Back blanks for Carcase saws should arrive any day.
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12/09/2009 dave
Looks good Joel. How many vises do you expect to move in the next week or so?
Not enough. We have three times as many arriving in a week or so (the rest of the first production run) but we are pretty close in selling out the entire first run - and then there won't be any more until mid January or so.
12/23/2009 Gregg Counts
When will the sash saw be available
12/23/2009 dave
Any updates or new deliveries? :)
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