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A Brief Heads Up On Pricing


One advantage of a blog is that I get a chance to announce stuff instantly that in the old days would take a mailing. This also give me the responsibility of spreading news that customers want.
We are almost ready with the new catalog which will mail this coming week and with the new catalog comes some price rises. In general we have really tried to keep stuff at the same level and we are trying to ignore the rise in the value of European currencies against the dollar. But the dollar has been totally battered against the Japanese yen and after a bunch of years with no price rising this year we are forced to make significant increases. Norton prices also went up a bit and prices on some Gramercy Tools items also went up.

But this blog is about being prepared and getting a heads-up. Prices will go up next week - probably Monday evening so if are planning to buy something anyway placing your order on-line over the weekend is a good idea.

Sorry to have to do this but we have no choice and I hope where possible you can take advantage of the few days notice.
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11/16/2009 David Gendron
Hi Joel, which Gramercy products are affected by the Japanese yen?
On an other topic, are you planing on making a coarser ppi DT saw in the future, like a 10 or 11" 14 to 16 ppi?
Thank you for the heads up!
The Gramercy products are made (with one exception) in the US. So they aren't effected by the rise in the yen. Prices on the saws will go up a little - mostly to reflect increased costs over the years that we absorbed and higher costs in rent etc here. Holdfasts are staying the same - the cost of steel has actually gone down in the past year.

For a coarser saw for dovetailing take a look at our 12 carcase saws - the rip version. It's perfect for larger dovetails and also 90% of the tenons you might want to do.

We will have a 14" sash saw out by the end of the year but that's a different animal
11/17/2009 David
Any word on whether the 12" long , 8 tpi Gramercy Rasp will be available again? I've been waiting a year to get one and they never seem to come up as in stock.
We have a shipment in transit. No idea what's in it. The rasps are made by one guy. He's pretty hit and miss on deliveries.
11/20/2009 Armin Longoria
Hi Joel, When are16 the Ray Illes' 1/2 " traditional English
mortise chisels coming in?
Soon I hope - Ray is working on them.
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