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The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - It's here!!!!!


The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - It's here!!!!! 4There is something anti-climactic about seeing a couple of tons of books show up at your doorstep. Warts and all (we have found a few mistakes since the book went to press a month ago) once the book was being printed it was out of my hands and my brain started to free up for other activities.

Then I open a carton of red bound books and feel the actual pages and it's a real thrill. The Joiner and Cabinet Maker arrived today!!! And the printing came out GREAT!!!

Of all the things I have done in woodworking getting such an important book from 1839 to a wider audience is the project I am most proud of so far. Especially when the original copies are so rare and not found in libraries. It's also rare that you find a how-to book from the period that is so fun to read. I think this book will make better woodworkers out of everyone who reads it and I don't know a better picture of woodworking before the age of the machine. I think the book might even engage people who don't do woodworking but have an interest in history.

Who knows, maybe in another 170 years someone else will reprint the book yet again, with even more historical footnotes in the original section and historical footnotes in Chris's section, explaining the difference in woodworking in the 21st century and the 23rd, and how woodworking was done before the invention of the laser cutting saw and plasma driven planer.

The Joiner and Cabinet Maker - It's here!!!!! 5We are shipping the books starting now. If you want them signed just indicate it on the order. You can order the book here. I'm not going to be like Sam in the book and I'm going off now to go and clean off my workbench. Then I'm going to mail a copy to my mom, send a copy to Maurice Fraser, who was my woodworking mentor and bring home a copy for my wife. The second picture is of the trucker who delivered the books here. On the loading dock Jocko told him about the book and he came up to buy a copy for himself.

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11/06/2009 Joe Maday
I received a copy of the "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" yesterday. I had to email
and say "Well done Joel and Chris!" Thanks for making the book available for the
rest of us in this "updated form"
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