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My Scrap Maple Demo Wood Will Be At Woodworking in America 2009 Valley Forge PA OCT. 2-4 ,2009


My Scrap Maple Demo Wood Will Be At Woodworking in America 2009 Valley Forge PA OCT. 2-4 ,2009 4I've had this scrap of maple, left over from making my portable workbench for going on 7 years now. It's what we use for demoing various tools - especially rasps. At each woodworking show it gets smaller and smaller.

Later this week we will be at WIA in Valley Forge PA - which is right outside Philly. Gramercy Tools/ Tools for Working Wood will be there. I'll be there Friday and Saturday. Tim is there all three days.

Like last year we really won't bring any stock, except for holdfasts, and we don't even have catalogs ready this year yet (show's too early in the fall for us - I'm still getting the mosquitoes out of my office from summer).

We will have our saw vise mounted and ready for action. We will have some saws you can try filing. If you are taking Mike's Class in saw sharpening - and you should - and you buy a saw vise we give you an extra 5 bucks off the pre-production price. We actually expect to be shipping vises later in October. They are in production but EVERYTHING seems to take longer.

We will also have a hand made copy of The Joiner and Cabinet Maker for your perusal. My guess is we might have to chain it down or have you fork over a driver's license to read it - otherwise I bet it's going to walk. Books will be shipping late October.

Hey, I know, it's frustrating for us too!!!

We will also have the full complement of Gramercy Tools for you to play with and try out, and some other stuff that we sell that's new and interesting and we think worth trying.

And of course I will have my piece of maple demo wood on hand so that you try out our great Gramercy rasps. Other bits of wood will be available for trying out our saws and chisels.

Entry into the Marketplace is free so there is really no excuse not to come if you are in the area.

If you can't make it to the show because you are other the other side of the country or something - we understand, and the simple solution is to peruse the catalog and get what you think you want - remember we pay return shipping on everything for any reason because there is no substitute for trying out a tool yourself and we want you to do just that - on our dime.
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09/29/2009 Chris Schwarz
Wow Joel,

Are you sure that thing is not a femur of some mammal.

I'm a little creeped out.

And how do your rasps work on bone?

See you this weekend.

pretty sure. At least not recently.

They are stainless so they can even be sterilized to work on bone. I haven't tried them but probably pretty darn good.

See you this weekend.

(whole packing, flatenning, and sharpeing)
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