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The Joiner and Cabinet Maker is Available for Pre-Order


The Joiner and Cabinet Maker is Available for Pre-Order 3While I certainly haven't finished all the blog entries I plan to write about this book (I have some additional information about some of the sources that were used in the book which you might find interesting), I am pleased to say that we are finally in the position to take pre-orders. We expect delivery sometime in October. It doesn't look good for having copies in time for WIA. (might happen, not holding my breath, Miss Gascoigne of Parlington Park might also drop into my office and tell me how much she misses me).

In any case if you order the book from us I will be happy to sign it for you, on the product page there is a check box for a signature and a place where you can tell me who the book is for so I get the name right.

I'm also happy to not sign anything - just don't check the box.

While at this point I sound like a broken record, I'll say it again: this is the most important book ever written that I know of on working with hand tools. It's been a privilege to be able to work on it and bring it to a larger audience. From before power tools had an impact on workshop practice, and from before shop classes codified the way woodworking was taught, this account of training an apprentice rings true and is essential reading for everyone working in wood today.

Click here to pre-order the book and for a link to a PDF with a look inside.


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10/27/2009 Jack
I preordered with Lost Art which will get the book signed by Chris. How do I get it also signed by you?
Aside from sending the book here and then paying for return postage the only way I can think of getting a book signed is by coming to an event that I'm doing (admittedly not many during the year), or coming into the store.

The reverse is also true although Chris does more touring.

A last option is that I am happy to sign both my and Chris's name on the book which frankly isn't the same as getting him to sign it personally it's certainly the easiest thing to do.
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