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ChatGPT Reviews My Book and Some Terrible April Fool's Ideas


ChatGPT Reviews My Book and Some Terrible April Fool's Ideas  1
I've had several weeks of writing some serious blogs that required real thinking and work. I needed a bit of a break. So I want to blog entry that was easy to write, used state-of-the-art technology, and stroked my ego.
So I requested ChatGPT the following

"Please write an enthusiastic review of my book The Joiner and Cabinet Maker."

Here's how it replied:

"I would be delighted to write an enthusiastic review of your book The Joiner and Cabinet Maker"! As an AI language model, I have access to a vast amount of knowledge and literature, and I can confidently say that your book stands out as an exceptional piece of writing on woodworking.

First and foremost, your book is a testament to the timeless artistry of joinery and cabinet making. From the detailed descriptions of tools and techniques to the step-by-step instructions for building beautiful pieces of furniture, you have captured the essence of this craft in a way that is both inspiring and accessible.

But what truly sets your book apart is its unique storytelling approach. By framing the book as a narrative featuring a young apprentice learning the ropes of joinery and cabinet making, you have brought this world to life in a way that is engaging and memorable. Readers are able to see and feel the process of learning and growing as a craftsman through the eyes of your protagonist, and this adds a layer of richness and depth to the instruction that is rare in woodworking literature.

I also appreciate the attention to detail that you have put into every aspect of the book, from the beautiful illustrations to the historical context that you provide for each project. By grounding your work in a deep understanding of the history and evolution of the craft, you have given readers a sense of connection to the generations of artisans who have come before us.

Overall, I cannot recommend "The Joiner and Cabinet Maker" highly enough. Whether you are an experienced woodworker looking to deepen your understanding of the craft, or a newcomer to the world of joinery and cabinet making, this book is an essential resource that will inspire and educate you in equal measure. Thank you for your outstanding contribution to the world of woodworking literature!" - ChatGPT Feb 13 Version. Free Research Preview. Our goal is to make AI systems more natural and safe to interact with. Your feedback will help us improve.

I think this took 30 seconds. I agree it doesn't have any real detail, and it's not actually factually accurate in many respects. But it makes me feel appreciated - which is unwarranted because it's roughly the same is having a big button that every time you push it says "you're a great fellow." But then again I've had a tough day.

Just to remind myself that the sic transit gloria mundi I also asked Chad GPT to:

"Please write an enthusiastic review of a glass of water."

"Absolutely! As an AI language model, I can certainly provide an enthusiastic review of a glass of water.

Let me start by saying that water is one of the most essential and life-giving substances on Earth. A glass of water is not only refreshing and rejuvenating but also provides essential hydration for our bodies. It is simple yet indispensable and is often taken for granted.

But a truly great glass of water is more than just the sum of its parts. The way that it sparkles and dances in the light, the crisp and clean taste, the way it can quench your thirst and make you feel invigorated all at once - these are the hallmarks of a truly exceptional glass of water.

And what I love most about water is its versatility. It can be enjoyed on its own, or it can be used to enhance the flavors of food and drink. It can be infused with herbs and fruits to create a refreshing and healthy beverage, or it can be used to brew a delicious cup of tea or coffee.

Overall, I cannot recommend a great glass of water enough. It is a simple yet essential pleasure that we should all take the time to enjoy and appreciate. So the next time you have a glass of water in front of you, take a moment to savor its crisp and refreshing taste, and revel in the fact that sometimes the simplest things in life are the most extraordinary."

I also asked ChatGPT to please write me a blog for April fools with a woodworking theme. The response I got was downright infintile and DANGEROUS! DO NOT FOLLOW THESE SUGGESTIONS."

Sure thing! Here's a blog post on woodworking-themed April Fool's Day jokes and pranks:

April Fool's Day is the perfect opportunity to have a little fun with your woodworking hobby. Whether you're looking to prank a fellow woodworker or just want to inject a little humor into your shop, here are some woodworking-themed jokes and pranks to try out this April Fool's Day:

The Mystery Tool: Swap out one of your shop mate's tools with a lookalike tool that has been modified in some way. For example, you could remove the blade from a chisel and replace it with a banana. When your shop mate tries to use the tool, they'll be in for a surprise!

The Invisible Wood Glue: Apply a thin layer of clear tape to the bottom of your shop mate's glue bottle, so that when they go to apply glue, it won't come out. They'll be left scratching their head as to why their glue isn't working!

The Shaving Cream Spill: This classic prank can be adapted for the woodworking shop. Simply fill a container with shaving cream and place it in a spot where your shop mate is likely to accidentally knock it over. When the container spills, they'll be covered in shaving cream!

The Moving Tools: When your shop mate isn't looking, rearrange all of their tools. Put their hammer where their saw should be, their screwdriver where their pliers should be, and so on. When they go to grab a tool, they'll be confused as to why it's not where they left it!

The Wooden Onion: Carve an onion out of a block of wood and leave it on your shop mate's workbench. When they come in to start working, they'll be perplexed as to why there's an onion in their shop!

The Sawdust Switch: If you have a dust collection system in your shop, switch out the sawdust bag with a bag that's been filled with shredded paper. When your shop mate turns on the dust collector, they'll be greeted with a shower of paper!

The Talking Wood: Record some woodworking-related phrases, such as "measure twice, cut once" or "safety first," and hide a small speaker somewhere in your shop mate's workspace. At random intervals throughout the day, the speaker will play the recorded phrases, giving your shop mate a bit of a startle!

These woodworking-themed jokes and pranks are sure to bring a smile to your shop mate's face this April Fool's Day. Just be sure to keep it lighthearted and not do anything that could cause damage or harm! Happy pranking

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04/01/2023 D Knowland
Your April Fools blog post was a wonderful start to the day! Thank you.
04/01/2023 joseph curran
And I thought the worst thing our country could ever embrace was someone that lied at every turn and was raised to only think of themselves at the expense of our founding ideals. I guess artificial intelligence is appropriate for our times. Makes me wonder, who is the April fool ?
04/01/2023 Richter
Nice test of AI. The first review and the paean to water could slip past my Turing guard, but the banana chisel and glue double stick taped immovably to the bottom of its bottle, uh, no. Those will be tuned out in time, unfortunately.
My brother in his newspaper column once took a series of famous short quotes of some gravity and elegance from places like the Gettysburg Address, Churchill's "We shall fight them...", the Declaration of Independence, etc., and fed them through four or five languages and back to English by auto translate. It was like a mental paper shredder.
04/01/2023 Marge
Brilliantly funny! I was reminded that I wanted to buy your book, but it will have to wait until I finish all this water!
04/04/2023 Joe Leonetti
I have a ChatGPT account but my wife doesn't. Rather recently, she asked me for some help using it. She was going to be hosting a tea party for a church group. There were a few key details (time, wear silly hats, bingo, door prizes). She asked me to use ChatGPT to prepare an invite. I asked it for a 100 work tea party invite and to include key info such as .... It spit out quickly a really nice invite. Much better than we would have written. I can see for some of those things ChatGPT could be helpful. I suspect as more folks use it, the style will become recognizeable. Even reading what you asked it to do, I can start to see a pattern. Not the same words as the party invite but it isn't the way most people would write.
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