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If you wish to learn to do anything chances are there is a YouTube video out there. Actually there might be hundreds available about the same subject. Some good, some bad, some with great production values, some shot on a Fisher-Price phone staring at the sun. The key is always to find a video that speaks to you and what you are trying to learn.

TikTok of course has become the master of short videos and apparently if you edit enough any subject can become a TikTok.

Instagram in its infinite wisdom decided to copy TikTok, and its algorithm now rewards video over still photographs. So now simple still pictures that might contain all the information you need have been replaced by boring videos, perhaps with a pointless slow pan over the thing that in the old days would just have been photographed. Still photography has vanished from my Instagram feed and as a result I spend less and less time there - and post less and less. Apparently I am not the only one who is doing this.

But sometimes the format of photos and videos (and a still photo might be considered one frame of video) isn’t the most helpful method of demonstration. If, for example, I wanted to get my Festool sander repaired, a video showing someone packing up the tool and addressing a box would not give me the information I actually needed. I would want to know what the process involves, what considerations I should bear in mind - and then I’d need a list of steps to get the job done. I definitely would not want to watch a video and then pause to take notes.

We get a lot of questions about many different products, so we have now added a menu selection on our website called "The Explainer." This menu pick of listings expands to a series of pages, videos, and links for all sorts of useful information divided by topic. We tried to keep everything short, informative, and distilled to its essence. We will also be expanding the range of subjects regularly. If you have topics to suggest, please feel free to let us know.

We hope you find it useful.
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12/20/2022 Charlie Goedeke
Thznk you for this!!
12/20/2022 Joe Maday
What a great addition to the website......Videos helping explain tools and their uses, different choices will be a help to someone seeking advice, keeps them on the site, making the process of purchase much easier....and of course learning ......I always enjoy "poking" around the "store"..... now there's even more reason to do so...Happy and safe holidays to you, your family and the crew....
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