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I'l be at the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association on Sept. 9


I'l be at the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association  on Sept. 9 4I've been invited to speak at the Central Jersey Woodworkers Association monthly meeting on the evening of September 9, 2009 in Marlboro, NJ.

I'm planning to talk about three things:
Using a rasp in the work shop: I'll have Nicholson rasps, Gramercy Rasps, and Auriou Rasps and I'm going to talk about rasp nomenclature, what rasps are used for in the woodwork shop, and most importantly how to use them for maximum efficiency and speed.

Using hand saws in the work shop: I'll have all the Gramercy Saws with me and what I want to show is how efficient a hand saw can be, and maybe some general thoughts on how to learn to saw accurately. I will also bring a Japanese saw or two and most important some workshop fixtures that make sawing convenient.

How to use marking and mortise gauges in the work shop: Of all the layout tools traditional pin gauges are the most misunderstood. You don't need to play with the pin, and I'll show how to us a gauge so that you get a clear clean line in any wood with any grain.

I'm also going to plug my new book the Joiner and Cabinet Maker which is coming out later this fall.

I don't know what their policy is on guests but you can contact the club at the website above and ask.

I hope to see you there.

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09/01/2009 Dave Schwarzkopf
Sounds like I'm missing quite the learning opportunity. Are there any chances of videos of the presentation(s) posted online for those of us not in commuting distance to the Garden State? Even if they weren't done to the 'professional' level, I can guarantee at least one viewer!
09/10/2009 Steve H.

Thanks for a wonderful talk last night. It really gave me a chance to see how some things fit together and how a fellow lefty uses them. Now I have to get some saw sharpening equipment!

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