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The Best Laid Plans ....


The Best Laid Plans .... 1
When you place an order with Tools for Working Wood, you are given two opportunities for notes - the first for the Shipping dept and the second for the outside of the box for the delivery person (FedEx or USPS). So the first field is where people have written instructions or thoughts like these actual comments, "Please don't ship until next Tuesday" or "You guys rock!" and the second field is for "Please put the package behind the screen door." The first field is labeled "General comments" and the second is labeled "Comments for the outside of the box." The "outside of the box" comments print out automatically when the shipping label prints out.

But either these instructions aren't clear (which is distinctly possible) or people just assume that we will figure it out. This is largely true. When the Shipping staff get ready to affix the shipping labels, they double-check what's written on the outside labels (or do so most of the time). So if a label says, "This is a surprise birthday gift. Hopefully the box will not give away what is inside or that it is from Tools for Working Wood," folks here do not affix this label to the box in a prominent position. What they do is put the label in a pile of other labels that basically have the same issue. Then Jocko takes the labels and sticks them on his Label Hall of Fame (a big piece of cardboard filled with such labels). I didn't know until this morning that there was such a board and it was Jocko who suggested that I write this blog.

But I suppose there is another thing to learn from this. In the cosmic range of things we are a tiny company. Actually by comparison to Walmart, Amazon, and other monster eCommerce marketplaces, we are an asterisk. This really applies to pretty much all our direct competition too. It's not fun competing with robots and Goliaths, but we do have one major advantage over all these behemoths. Humans handle your orders and try to apply common sense to what goes out the door. If you order Granat Net but no Protection Pad, we try to call you. If it looks like you fat-fingered the keyboard and your quantities look like a mistake, we'll try to confirm your order. And when we do make a mistake - and we occasionally do - you get to complain to a sympathetic person not a faceless machine.

So next time you place an order, try to get everything in the right fields but even if you don't we do our best to have your back.
With that in mind if you have a Gramercy Tools Veneer Saw and one or more nuts popped off a blade, contact and we will get it fixed for you. We had a run of short nuts we didn't notice in time, but everything is fine now.

The Best Laid Plans .... 2

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07/21/2022 Norb Kelly
Had a problem with an order and you guys responded to my email in under an hour. Shipping label was sent and replacement went out quickly. Great customer service, I will always be back. I try to avoid Amazon and the other behemoths! The little guys are the best.
07/21/2022 Hugo
Purely an outstanding company you are !

Long live . Dont change
07/21/2022 Gordon Dayton
I wrote the comment about potentially weird "outside the box" comments on your order form. Forgot to add my name and email, sorry.
07/21/2022 Clay
Can confirm. Have used “you rock!” several times with great success.
07/21/2022 Dave Polaschek
I’ve got one of the veneer saws with a popped nut (sounds painful!) but as I bought it to use (and was backordered on the King Kong blade until recently) I just stuck a small carriage bolt and a wing nut in the hole in the blade and carried on using it. Hasn’t given me any further problems, and it was a pretty easy fix.
07/27/2022 Jesse Griggs
what i like about shopping from places like tfww:

1) you carry things i can't get anywhere else.
2) if i have a question, I'll get an answer from an expert instead of a moron.
3) you operate as i wish ALL companies would: sell quality products at reasonable prices that allow the company to earn a decent living and offer the customer a fare price.
my only complaint is y'all setup shop in the wrong town. you should be located in Omaha,NE where i live :-p
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