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Pre-Summer Inspirations

05/26/2022 By Joe Samalin

From the article
From the article "Artists’ Frames in Pâte Coulante" by Peter Mallo

Summertime tends to slow down for us here at Tools for Working Wood, giving us that rare chance to take a quick deep breath and look around for a moment. And to break out the big fans. It gets hot here in Brooklyn.

And so as part of taking a breath, we wanted to share a bit of what is inspiring us at the moment, in the hopes that it inspires (or at least entertains) you, as well.

Recently, Peter Mallo, a customer of ours who is an artist, educator, and Chief of Frame Development and Production (best job title ever) at the Guggenheim here in New York shared an article he wrote for the Met Journal with us. As you know we like to go down the rabbit holes of woodworking history, and so we think you will enjoy this as well. It is a deep dive into artist-designed frames of the 19th century using Pate Coulante, a material that allowed the creation of a wide range of frame profiles.

Ferreol Babin
Ferreol Babin

Ferreol Babin
Ferreol Babin

Another customer introduced me to the work of French-born artist Ferreol Babin in the context of his pretty cool shousugiban (Japanese fire finish) work, the artist having lived and studied in Japan. In exploring his site however, I stumbled on his spoons. So many spoons! If you are a fan of spoon carving or carving in general, take a look. I have not been able to get some of these spoons out of my head since first looking at them.

Pre-Summer Inspirations  4

Lastly, we have been poring over Yoav Liberman’s book Working Reclaimed Wood - A Guide for Woodworkers. (Check out the blogs he has written for us here). It is chock full of information on reclaiming and using such wood, but also highlights a wide range of projects and ideas from great makers including our friend Nancy Hiller and others. This is a great resource on every aspect of finding, using, and designing with reclaimed wood, and is a great inspiration for both things to make and ways to make them.

Let us know what you think, and what is inspiring you these days!
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