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BREN Video Roundup

Finish Up!


Like most people, we spend lots of time (way too much time) surfing the web, entranced by various videos. In Video Roundup, we offer some videos from all over the world that we found especially intriguing.

This installment of the roundup? Finishing! First up, a solid overview from Lincoln Street Woodworks in the form of a best finish contest. An opportunity to brush up (wow, forgive me) on finishes you know and love, and to learn about those you haven't used yet.

Second - a point of privilege. Our own video on using shellac and french polishing with Eddie O'Donnell. A great in-depth how-to on the topic, in addition to the wonderful finishes we carry and books on the same subject!

Woodworking Finishes

Shellac and French Polishing - An Introduction With Eddie O'Donnell

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