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A Vacancy at Tools for Working Wood, and Other News


Here I answer the question
Here I answer the question "How big a clamp do I need?"

Noah, whom many of you might know as a longtime sales associate, is leaving us to move to Philly. Best wishes, Noah! Noah is a professional cabinetmaker (see his work here; this blog has also quoted him, so if you need to hire a cabinet maker in Philly let me know and I will pass your contact information along. But the main reason that I am mentioning this is because we now have an open position working one day a week in sales. Over the years we've been lucky to have talented woodworkers looking for a steady paycheck (to balance their self-employment) in the position. It’s also been a way to connect with the larger NYC woodworking community.
About the vacancy: You need to be a woodworker who can explain stuff to customers and be 100% reliable.
Here are a few reasons why you should apply:
You get to meet other woodworkers. Pretty much everyone who has worked here and wanted to tap into the woodworking community in NYC has been able too. Professional or amateur, you will meet every kind of woodworking there is.
You will be exposed to all sorts of woodworkers, from neophyte to super pro. Sometimes folks will need your help and ask your advice, other times you’ll learn a trick or two. Sometimes it’s the same customer in the same conversation.
You get to play with the tools in the showroom, suggest new things for us to carry, give us feedback on our own tools’ prototypes, and get your own stuff at a generous employee discount.

Some questions you might ask:
What are the hours? Currently they’re 8:45 AM to 5:15 on Fridays. But at some point we may add Saturday hours and eventually go back to an 8:00 a.m. opening.
Do I get a discount on tools? Yes! This is a big perk and is very popular. Frankly, we want to hire woodworkers who really find this a useful perk. More than one person has outfitted their shop while working here.

Will I meet other woodworkers? Of course! We have a lot of walk-in professionals and amateurs alike that come in. Just about everyone who has worked in the shop has picked up side gigs.

I'm retired and I don't want to be a clerk. The reason a lot of customers come to the store or call us and not just order online is that they expect and need advice. Questions range from the obvious: do you sell lumber (Nope) to the complex - How can I reproduce this 17th century frame and panel from a French chateau that I'm reinstalling in a private library? - and the sublime/impossible - What dye will be a perfect match for the table my aunt left me, and no, I have no idea what kind of wood it is?

Your knowledge of tools -- hand and power -- will expand. You will help people with what you already know and learn for everyone you meet. You will be exposed to hundreds of projects that everyone all over the world is working on and sometimes you'll help someone solve a difficult woodworking problem in a modest yet heroic fashion. Oh and just so we don't forget, along the way you will sell lots of tools to many appreciative woodworkers from all over.
If you’re interested, please send us an email at

In other news:
We have resumed international shipping to Canada and a few other countries. Shipping costs have gone up which has been a worldwide phenomena. Holdfasts should be back in stock late this week.

We have added a new feature to our websites for repeat customers. Once you enter your email when placing an order we text your phone on file with a six digit code, and if you enter the code to identify yourself we can load most of your information from your last order. This is a huge timesaver. We saw this feature on another site and immediately decided to copy it. So far it works like a charm.

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06/02/2021 Don Vail
Almost wish I lived in the city.
06/08/2021 Xak
Good luck to Noah on the move. This sounds like a great gig; If you open shop here on Maui and have a vacancy, I'll be all over it ;) Aloha!
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