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Chip Carving with Daniel Clay - Back Again!

Sat Mar 30 2019

Chip Carving with Daniel Clay - Back Again! 1
We're excited to offer this class again! Learn the fundamentals of chip carving, a decorative technique in which faceted “chips” are removed from a wooden surface to produce geometric patterns, stylized images, lettering and ornamentation. Through demonstrations, guided practice, skill-building exercises, and the completion of a decorative wall hanging, students will leave class with all the knowledge, experience and confidence to pursue chip carving on their own.

Be amazed by the gorgeous work you’ll be able to accomplish with a few sharp tools, some suitable wood and a little practice!

Students will learn the fundamentals of chip carving design; how to select and prepare wood for chip carving; how to dress and sharpen a new chip carving knife; and develop proper chip carving technique. Students will develop increasing facility and confidence through free-form carving exercises.

Students will go home with a selection of patterns for carving on their own.

No prior woodworking or carving experience is necessary to take the class. This class is best suited to those with little or no chip carving experience.

Class fee: $250 instruction fee + $25 materials fee (total = $275). Materials fee will include wood, sharpening equipment and a selection of patterns.

This is a limited enrollment, hands-on class. Class participants must bring or purchase safety glasses or goggles and sign a safety waiver. Students will also need to bring or purchase tools for the class.

Date: Saturday, March 30, 2019
Class duration: 10:00 - 4:00 (6 hours)
Location: Tools for Working Wood showroom, 112 26th Street, Brooklyn NY 11232
Parking is available in front of our shop and under the expressway. The subway (R train to 25th street in Brooklyn) is a few blocks away.
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